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      Vibrating ring and cock ring

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      • Do you want to ejaculate more slowly while keeping your erection during sex?
      • Do you want to stimulate your partner's clitoris and boost her orgasm ?
      • Do you want to get more sexual sensations and that they last longer ?

      The vibrating ring for men is the perfect product to meet these needs. The sex ring is simply slipped onto the base of the penis and, depending on the different sex toys, will bring you fantastic pleasure. Beyond the simple vibrating function, whatever the type of penis ring , it can improve the sex life of many men suffering from premature ejaculation. The cockring type sex toy is used more and more every year.

      Attention, It is not only reserved for this kind of problem, it can improve your feelings and the pleasure of your wife thanks to certain modes of vibrations. The cock ring is more basic but it can be combined with a prostate stimulator to stimulate you also through anal sex.

      What is a cock ring used for?

      Before knowing how to put on a penis ring, we will explain what a ring sex toy is. The penis ring, or cock ring , is the most basic. It has no electric motor.

      It is a ring designed to squeeze the erect penis and testicles in a pleasant way. The pressure exerted at the base of the penis slightly retains the blood flow and helps to obtain a very hard penis. Men with erectile dysfunction can wear a cock ring without hurting themselves, because the ring compresses the penis very slightly and helps block the blood in the penis.

      What is a vibrating ring?

      The vibrating ring is a generally rechargeable male toy that is inserted at the base of the hard penis and which, through vibrations, stimulates and increases your sensations and those of your partner. These vibrating toys touch the clitoris with each movement and the micro jolts diffuse inside your partner to promote her excitement and boost her orgasm. It's a bit like your penis becoming an incredibly pleasant and real vibrator.

      What is a cock ring?

      A cockring is a simple ring that allows a man to delay his ejaculation and stay active longer. With this ring your partner is not ready to sleep. The advantage of this toy is its ultra attractive price because it is exceptionally simple.

      Guys also use more elaborate versions including a prostate anal plug or a second ring to slightly tighten the testicles. Usable during masturbation, the penis sex toy brings incredible pleasure whether used as a couple or solo.

      How to use a vibrating ring?

      Before telling you how to use a vibrating cock ring , the vibrating penis ring is a product that increases blood flow to the penis, so it does not keep it longer than 30 minutes in a row. Then to put on a cock ring, just slide it gently around the penis and slide it to the base. Using lube can sometimes be very helpful.

      In the case of rigid cock rings, insert them before erection for greater ease. Being one of the accessories intended for couples, the ring toy (another name used) can also be put in place by your wife during a blowjob, it can be even more pleasant.

      To delay ejaculation you can use a penis ring around the testicles, this way you will also prolong your erection even after having enjoyed (orgasm). It is one of the accessories to have at home to have a very hard penis for efficient sexual intercourse.

      After using the cock rings, the excitement has subsided, gently remove the ring and clean it with warm soapy water then dry with a soft cloth.

      Feel free to check out other cock ring articles and reviews for more information.

      How to choose your penis ring?

      How to choose the size of the vibrating cock ring?

      Cock rings are products available in several sizes. Depending on the pressure you want on your penis, you will need to know its diameter. Just like condoms, silicone cock rings must be chosen precisely so that you are not disappointed. It is best to measure the diameter of your penis when you are fully aroused and note the size of the penis.

      The advantage of cock rings is that given their low prices , you can easily buy several of each size and use them according to the size of your penis. There are also some adjustable rings to suit all sizes or packs. Do not hesitate to browse the reviews to find out if the sex toy fits small, large or perfectly.

      Choose the right materials

      To choose the best cock ring , you should focus on the material. The best rings should be made with quality materials. We have chosen silicone because this material is pleasantly soft, durable and easily washable. Hypoallergenic material, this material is also stretchy and automatically adjusts according to size.

      The slightly sticky texture generally requires the use of a Water-based lubricating gel to facilitate application. Rubber or latex are also part of the quality materials commonly used for cock rings, however, these materials are a little less easy to maintain than silicone but also require a intimate lubricating gel for placement around the penis.

      Glass or metal cock rings are options if you prefer more natural materials. Very rigid, these products slip more easily around the penis with or without lubricants. The vibrating ring list is long and this type of product has been around for many years.

      Ring design and shape

      The shape of the cock rings depends on the sensations you expect. If you are just starting out, maybe try starting with a smooth silicone ring and if you want to explore new sensations, the double ring or the vibrating ring for men combined with a prostate stimulator can be a great option.

      Vibrating ring connected or not?

      Vibrating cock rings or simple cock rings are different products. If you simply want to delay ejaculation while keeping your penis erect, the penis ring is the perfect product to meet this need.

      On the other hand, if you want to exploit the full sexual potential of the male penis ring then the vibrating function can provide you with the answer you expect. The vibratory waves diffused by these toys also stimulate your woman's clitoris , an erogenous zone ranked 9/10 in terms of pleasure for women.

      Preferably choose cock rings with a rechargeable battery for more comfort in use. They are almost all waterproof.

      The vibrating ring connected

      The best vibrating ring would probably be the one that offers you the most possibilities. This sex toy allows you to customize the vibrating modes of the sex toy ring. It offers the possibility for the couple to be able to play whatever the distance that separates them.

      Vibran ring maintenance

      To maintain and keep your sex ring for as long as possible, we advise you to clean it before and after wearing it with warm soapy water without using harsh detergents or alcohol. Dry with a soft cloth and store in a place away from prying eyes.

      Other type of sex toy for guy

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