Intimate lubricating gel

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      Intimate lubricating gel

      Our answers to your questions

      • Do you suffer from vaginal dryness during sex?
      • Do you want to increase your pleasure and sensations with masturbation ?
      • Do you want to improve the comfort of using sex toys?

      We will try to answer this question by offering solutions to these problems.

      Why use a lubricant?

      The use of a lubricant is optional. You can use your saliva without any problem, however the product provides comfort of use and a gliding pleasure different from saliva. In case of vaginal dryness, you can use a lubricant if you want to improve your comfort when sex penetrates the vagina or the anus. This avoids any discomfort or irritation due to friction. The oily or gelatinous texture promotes natural dilation and increases excitement and sensations.

      17% of women suffer from vaginal dryness and the use of lubricant overcomes this sometimes frustrating problem for a man not to believe that he does not excite his partner. The intimate lubricant can be used for anal sex and is even recommended because contrary to popular belief, the anal mucosa, unlike the vagina, does not provide immediate natural lubrication.

      Anal lubrication only occurs after long minutes following the first stimulations by the exocrine glands when the cells of the rectal epithelium begin to produce plasma which, with excitement, allows an intense vascularization of the anal area. An intimate anal lubricant is therefore strongly recommended and moreover, some excited men could find themselves out of excitement if the partner refused to continue sodomy as a result of pain. The gels play an extremely useful role in the stimulating effect.

      Some lubricants use essences that produce a natural heating effect. this stimulates both the vagina and the penis. The product can also be used to play with sex toys during foreplay. Intimate lubricating gel for women or men, both sexes can therefore use this product in complete safety.

      As far as solo pleasure is concerned, intimate gels are perfect for dildo, clitoral stimulator , rabbit or vibrating egg type sex toys. Only a few drops are enough to satisfy all your desires.

      The lubricating gel is also practical for intimate sexual massages. Generally compatible with condoms and edibles, they also stimulate the environment with their fragrance.

      How to apply intimate lubricating gel

      Knowing how to put on lubricant is very simple, just place a nut of the product on your fingertips and gently spread it at the entrance to the vagina or anus. You can also apply it to the clitoris or the penis if you want to masturbate optimally. The intimate product can dry out over time and you should not hesitate to apply it again.

      What is the best lubricant?

      There are a multitude of different products and each has its pros and cons. Here is the list of products according to their specificities.

      Water-based lubricating gel

      Water-based lubricant is a type of lubricant most used to facilitate sexual intercourse, and we recommend their use because they are suitable for all situations. The gelatinous texture is pleasant and often contains aromas with fruity tastes: strawberry - chocolate etc.

      The advantage of water-based gels is their ease of cleaning. The water-based lubricant dissolves very easily in water and it is a pleasure to be able to remove it easily after use. They are neither too sticky nor too oily and as explained above, they are compatible with condoms and all sex toys whether they are made of ABS or silicone. They are also practical to overcome intimate dryness.

      Silicone lubricating gel

      Silicone-based lubricants are recommended if you want to optimize glide. Silicone has a mechanical gliding property similar to Vaseline and is ideal for long-lasting sex or during ultra-intense lovemaking. If you want ultra hot sex you can consider buying this kind of lubricant for an affordable price.

      The other advantage of these lubricants is that they do not dry out the intimate mucous membranes. The downside that could be pointed out is that silicone lube is not compatible with silicone sex toys , is not edible, and is a little harder to clean than water-based lube. Soap and hot water will be necessary although in the majority of cases, for an obvious question of intimate hygiene, cleaning will be necessary.

      Stimulating anesthetic anal lubricant gel

      Anal sex is part of life and comfort during penetration should not be overlooked. The anal lubricant fulfills its role perfectly by having a greasy and thick texture. It has a strong lubricating power and facilitates expansion. Whether you use it with sex toys or during sodomy, it will improve your partner's sensations and will have the effect of boosting pleasure.

      It also acts as an anesthetic lubricant and often brings a relaxing effect to the anal area. Love anal sex will be perfect with this kind of product.

      Natural and organic lubricant gel

      If you want to have pleasure in a more natural way, the natural lubricant will be perfect. They are ideal for sensitive intimate areas of the body and respect the environment. This type of gel is compatible with latex condoms and silicone sex toys.

      The edible lubricant

      To add a little gustatory pleasure to your sexual intercourse, you can try gourmet lubricants , it's ideal during oral sex because like cunnilingus, fellatio and rimming. You will taste a delicious and pleasant excitement with your favorite flavors. Let yourself be tempted by these sexual lubricants and your taste buds will be pleasantly surprised.

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