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       Do you want to have fun on your own ?

      • Want to increase sexual realism and your feelings while watching porn movies?
      • Do you want to have maximum pleasure with remote VR with our high-tech sex toys?
      • As a couple, do you want to spice up your foreplay?

      Look no further, we have a range of masturbators that perfectly meet this male need: masturbation.

      What is a masturbator?

      A male masturbator is a sex toy that simulates a female vagina in silicone or another ultra-flexible textured material. Some are even molded inside a porn star to have the opportunity to jerk off inside her. Some are even molded inside the anus or mouth.

      So if your partner is not fond of sodomy , you can find your balance with these masturbators. The sensations are extreme and you won't be able to do without it. Add to that a little water-based lubricating gel to simulate vaginal or anal secretions and your penis will thank you.

      Why buy a masturbator?

      We must admit one thing that everyone ignores or refuses to say because it's not very classy: 95% of men masturbate (see article: The surprising figures of masturbation ). If you think you are the only one who has a sexual problem with masturbation, know that firstly, it is not a problem, it is completely normal to masturbate and secondly, all men do it.

      This is part of man's own, so why deprive yourself of masturbating with the best male masturbators ?

      The pleasure of masturbating for cheap?

      What could be better than enjoying a realistic vagina or an extremely comfortable anus? It makes you want, doesn't it? Whether you are alone or in a couple, you can easily explore new sensations and have an ultra powerful orgasm. A male masturbator increases sexual libido and while your hand can do just fine, the texture of the hand will never compare to that of a vagina or rectum.

      Some models of masturbators offer suction functions, vibration modes and back and forth. To improve comfort, some are equipped with a suction cup . The advantage of this type of sex toy is its attractive price which allows you to have fun for a few eur. If you want to practice anal sex as much as you want, you can choose a male silicone anal masturbator and have the feeling of penetrating the anus of a real woman.

      If fellatio is your thing, you can opt for one of the mouth-shaped models, they are great to experiment with. The back and forth masturbator is perfect for increasing the sensation of reality because it moves on your penis by itself. It is a top masturbator for men.

      To go further, and if you are not shy, there are also realistic silicone dolls, which can play the role of masturbator buttocks.

      From the texture to the extreme sensations of the masturbator?

      The masturbator for men offers superb sensations thanks to the silicone texture. The cavities have either a real look or a more industrial look but just as effective. For your greatest solitary pleasure, the interior shape of the vibrating or non-vibrating sex toy can be molded from a real woman. So your vagina for men brings you real sensations during penetration.

      The vibrations act as a penis stimulator (your penis) to increase the power of your arousal. For even more realism, some back and forth masturbators offer even more sensations with their rotating and extendable functions. With this kind of sex toys, you don't need to produce movements with your hand, the stimulator sex toy does it for you.

      Spice up your married life

      Masturbation becomes essential in the life of a man and the life of a couple is sometimes strewn with periods of inactivity, low libido, installation of a routine, financial problems or disputes. Should we stop masturbation even if it is done from time to time? It is sometimes said that sex is the cure for everything... and it is often true.

      Sex toys add spice and curiosity to couples to increase sexual activity. The use of a vaginal sheath or an anal sheath can then be recommended if we are to believe the many articles and studies on this subject.

      How to masturbate well?

      In order to meet the best conditions for good masturbation, you must make yourself comfortable on a bed, chair or sofa. If necessary, watching porn or erotic movies or a real partner can facilitate an erection. Don't forget to take something to cleanse yourself before your session and take a water-based lubricating gel.

      Then make your penis penetrate inside the masturbator and start to make a back and forth movement at the pace that seems most pleasant to you. The interior silicone texture deliciously massages your penis and the interior shape gives you a feeling of intense pleasure. The Lubricating Gel imitates vaginal or anal secritions and provides strong stimulation.

      If your sex toy is vibrating, the sensation will be more pleasant and the orgasm will come more quickly. After a few moments your excitement will be stronger and stronger. If you are in the foreplay stage, you can have sex, while if you practice solo masturbation , you can increase the pace until you get an intense orgasm and a powerful ejaculation .

      Masturbation Addiction or Male Pleasure?

      A man who masturbates is a normal thing. Some men would like to stop masturbation and think that there would be a limited frequency of masturbation. It is true that in the common sense, masturbation is a vice or a thing that one does only when one is young.

      Should this sexual pleasure be stopped, knowing that in reality, everyone does it. Masturbating when you're in a relationship can be frustrating just like having to quit porn, some do it on the sly or at work. There are many articles on the net that deal with the subject. Nevertheless, jerking off has always been a part of male life and is even recommended and the same goes for female masturbation .

      What is the best masturbator for you?

      Here we are going to present you different types of male masturbator to better inform you in your future purchase. Do not hesitate to read the comments of other customers to help you in the purchase of your pussy cup.

      The classic cheap male masturbator

      It is one of the most popular masturbators on the market. They are generally made of ultra-soft plastic or latex and with an interior texture that changes according to the depth of the vagina. The stimulation of the penis is made with each movement back and forth and causes an intense pleasure that triggers you an incredible orgasm.

      These are generally affordable sex toys and are easily washable in soapy water. To improve the pleasure of using the vagina and the feeling of realism, use a water-based lubricating gel, penetration will be more comfortable and the feeling of the suction cup effect will increase the pleasure.

      The realistic male masturbator

      If you want to have maximum pleasure and realism, sex toys in the shape of a real vagina are the best choice. If you want to practice anal masturbation whenever you want and for as long as you want, the anal masturbator is the ideal sex toy. You can even choose a mouth masturbator to masturbate like a woman would with oral sex. For the latter, remember to use as much water-based lubricating gel as possible .

      You will have understood it, you will find a realistic male masturbator for each of your fantasies. Whatever happens, this sex toy will always say yes to your wildest desires. Did you know that these ultra realistic sex toys have been molded through the vagina or anus of a real woman? So you will get an orgasm as if you were there.

      Some people use the masturbator when watching porn movies or in VR movies. If you are looking for even more realism, maybe you can make a page for virtual reality headsets and complement your male needs with masturbators.

      The vibrating electric masturbator

      The vibrating electric masturbator is the Rolls Royce of masturbators for men. They have various options such as suction, back and forth and vibrations worthy of a vibrator for men. Each mode is generally independent to satisfy your pleasure. The vibration zones are very well positioned to stimulate your penis towards sensitive areas.

      The sucking masturbator is an excellent sex toy. They gently suck in and release the penis like your partner's mouth would. The premature ejaculator can absolutely use it before sexual intercourse to last longer.

      The price depends on the features but in general they cost around 100 eur and are made of latex or silicone. Some use an extendable function that allows you to stretch around the penis and rotate, with this system the penis is ultra stimulated to intensify the enjoyment.

      The heated masturbator is very effective in increasing blood flow to the penis. Regarding the color of the models available, there are generally white and black, with black often being equated with the electric masturbator.

      The silicone egg masturbator

      The discreet Egg masturbators are a discreet model of pussy cup, at a low price and easy to transport. If you want to take your toy everywhere with you, this is the ideal product thanks to its small egg-shaped size. Don't be fooled by appearances, it looks like an egg but inside it isn't. It's a real ultra-stimulating sex toy for men to bring you an orgasm every time.

      If you are hesitating about buying a male masturbator , the egg or egg would be a great option. Some egg masturbators are disposable, for ecological reasons, prefer a non-disposable sex toy but use disposable cleaning wipes.

      How to maintain your masturbator?

      Cleaning the sex toy

      In order to guarantee optimal hygiene and a long lifespan of the product, we recommend that you follow the manufacturer's advice, if any, or clean the vibrating sex toy after stimulation. Cleaning with lukewarm water and mild soap will remove the sperm from the orifice and the residue of lubricating gel. Do not dry in full exposure to the sun, this may damage the product.


      To avoid prying eyes, we advise you to store your sex toys in a safe place out of sight. a bedside table, a chest of drawers can be quite suitable.


      The use of a water-based lubricating gel is always recommended and even more so for the masturbator. Some stretchy masturbators are also rotating and simulate the gesture of the hand, for those, the lubricating gel is essential. Prefer a natural water-based gel to ensure compatibility with silicone.

      For further

      Although we have mentioned some benefits of masturbation , if you want to explore other worlds, the realistic doll has the same characteristics as the classic and realistic masturbator but you will also have an ultra pleasant body to please yourself as much as you want.

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