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      • Do you suffer from a lack of libido ?
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      • Do you want to spice up your couple or masturbate intensely ?

      You have come to the right place, we are going to try to discuss all the advantages of this type of sex toy which has been all the rage for a few years. The advantage of this toy is that it can be used everywhere , at home, in town, in restaurants, in discotheques, at the cinema etc... since it is inserted into the vagina it goes unnoticed and is super quiet . So you can practice sexual games in public without anyone knowing and it's very exciting.

      Many couples have fun with this when they go out and the partner can control the vibration speeds of your vibrating egg via a remote control or via their smartphone to immerse you in an intense orgasm in places of all kinds. It is an unusual experience that you absolutely have to try.

      What is a vibrating egg?

      A vibrating egg is, as its name suggests, a vibrating egg-shaped sex toy that is inserted into the vagina to stimulate the G-spot. They are pleasant to the touch and are covered with a layer of hypoallergenic medical grade silicone or sometimes made of hard plastic such as ABS. There are a lot of different shapes and there are some at all prices.

      The use of vibrating eggs is generally simple. If your wish is to be able to use the remote G spot vibrator with your partner and being able to customize the vibration patterns, the connected vibrating egg can be a great option.

      The vibrating egg with wire

      Wire vibrating eggs are the simplest. You could say that they are small egg-shaped G Spot vibrators. The body of the sex toy takes the shape of an egg and a small plastic or silicone cord is attached to the end. Very discreet, you can secretly enjoy wherever you want, often called magic egg, they have convinced customers looking for a small toy, discreet and easy to carry.

      The vibrating egg equipped with a rechargeable battery via usb cable. To drive down the price as much as possible, some manufacturers have chosen to use batteries, although brands like Virgite use cable charging.

      Remote control vibrating egg

      the remote control egg is super practical to use, it is equipped with a remote control allowing you to control the sex toy from a distance without having to press the buttons. Ideal on the go, you can concentrate on the pleasure and not on the product. It is also very useful during foreplay where the partner could control your sex toy during fellatio, cunnilingus or simple caresses.

      These remote control sex toys can be used during anal sex to keep your G fist stimulated. The wireless sex toy is really a great purchase and the price is generally accessible. The tail of the sex toy may also contain a small vibrating motor which can also stimulate your clitoris at various speeds.

      The remote control sex toy can also be inserted into a man's rectum. The male vibrating egg stimulates the prostate and increases sexual pleasure. Remotely controllable with the wireless remote control, the egg sex toy ensures freedom of movement and allows you to masturbate without touching the remote-controlled egg and enjoy these new sensations.

      The remote vibrating egg

      This type is one of the most sold because it has revolutionized the world of sex toys. The manufacturer of the Lovense brand has created a connected egg that everyone was waiting for, the Lush. The success was so great that it is Lush 3. The smartphone vibrating egg has since become a huge market and many manufacturers have embarked on the adventure and created their own connected sex toy.

      L' connected vibrating egg goes beyond borders and can be used remotely with a smartphone. Now if your friend is on the go, he can easily stimulate you from a distance as if he were with you. Apps work with the magic egg and you can choose the vibration modes, speeds and vibrating function on your clitoris.

      You can also use it during your sexual intercourse during foreplay to spice it up or during anal penetration to amplify your pleasure and that of your partner.

      During masturbation it is also an excellent companion, with the application you can use a "voice or voice" mode which allows you to vibrate the vibrator with the sounds of your voice or your environment. So you can enjoy on your favorite music or in front of a great action movie or even in a disco thanks to your vibrating egg phone.

      Easily transportable, these vibrating eggs contain a rechargeable battery via USB cable and are waterproof thanks to their silicone coating. The colors are varied, pink, purple etc. you are bound to find one of the vibrating eggs that will meet your expectations. The advantage of this type of vibrator is that it can effectively boost libido according to numerous studies, see the Top Health article in question: Can sex toys improve libido?

      The wireless vibrating egg still has many years ahead of it.

      How to use a vibrating egg?

      To know how to put a vibrating egg or how to use it, first you have to clean it before use, then you just have to insert it into your body and turn it on. We recommend using a water-based lubricating gel for optimal pleasure. Some diameters may seem large for some women so it is best to gently insert it into your body. Do not hesitate to let your partner caress the entrance to the vagina before penetration.

      The vibrations of the magic egg thus stimulate the clitoris and provide ultra exciting sensations. Sexual well-being is installed and penetration can be done quietly. Depending on your wishes, do not hesitate to use the vibrating egg during foreplay to also excite your partner. the fact that he can use your toy with the remote control or with the vibrator directly can promote his own excitement.

      The mutual pleasure is reinforces the individual feelings .

      Who can use a vibrating egg?

      The vibrating egg is intended primarily for women who wish to masturbate and obtain maximum pleasure and an orgasm in record time. This is often the secret of a sexually fulfilled woman. Can be used alone or as a couple.

      Anyone can use a vibrating egg and despite the distance between two partners, remote-controlled vibrating egg technology improves the sexual relationship between these people who otherwise could not have sex together. In a couple, sex is an element that should never be neglected and maintaining it with sex toys is very important for its balance.

      How to choose your vibrating egg?

      The list of vibrating egg models is long. If you want to get a pink-colored sex toy, you will be satisfied because the majority are pink, although purple is in second position, then regarding the functions and modes of vibration, you will have to lean towards the most efficient toys.

      Be careful, a cheap vibrating egg can be quite suitable and bring you a powerful orgasm. You can also study the vibrating functions to find out if the vibration is only available in the egg or if the tail also contains a vibrating motor. Although the price is higher if the product contains a lot of different functions and speeds, it is still relatively low and accessible.

      Having a remote control slightly increases the price unlike a toy that wouldn't have one, but honestly in use, being able to manage the vibration mode without having to press on the sex toy is extremely practical and comfortable. Also choose sex toys that are convenient to recharge.

      Some people swear by the spile while others prefer USB rechargeable batteries. The batteries provide energy immediately available while the battery will need to be recharged regularly. You are free to make the most appropriate choice.

      How to maintain your vibrating egg?

      To maintain your vibrating egg and keep it in excellent condition for as long as possible, clean it before and after use with warm soapy water and mild soap. Do not use alcohol or detergents which could damage the silicone. Cleaning ensures optimal hygiene and the removal of lubricant gel residues.

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