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      It is completely normal to wonder as the subject of anal sex is taboo for some people. The anus is a delicate area which once stimulated can give you real pleasure. In women as in men, the practice of anal sex whether practiced with a plug , dildo, rosary or other toy can increase the power of orgasm.

      The male prostate, called the P-spot, is stimulated via the anus. In women, via the rectum, the sex toy stimulates the G-spot thanks to the very thin vaginal wall. Anal toys are often used items for bdsm enthusiasts. You will find a variety of different sizes in our categories of products that help with dilation so that penetration is pleasant.

      The materials used for the plug are glass, steel or aluminum alloy metal, silicone and different plastics. The glass plug is very often mounted with a jewel like a diamond, and can have several shapes (round, elongated) like star plugs. There are inflatable sex toys that adapt to you. BDSM fans often resort to this type of sex toy.

      What is an anal plug used for?

      Inserting an anal plug can only stimulate you and bring you closer to absolute pleasure if the anal sex is well executed.

      There are a multitude of sex toys for anal practice: anal dildo, anal plug, beads, geisha ball, vibrating anal plug, prostate stimulator.

      How to use an anal plug?

      The anal plug is very easy to use. Just relax and gently insert it into your or your partner's anus. We insist on being relaxed as much as possible so that the size of the sex toy does not rush the person.

      Some women or men sometimes need time to adapt so that the anus is ready and you will have to accept to be patient. Here are some ideas to help you with the use of an anal plug so that the pleasure is there.

      Beginners and newbies can start inserting the sex toy with a reasonable diameter before getting down to business. Nevertheless it is not always necessary to want to take a large diameter or enormous sizes at all costs because each anal diameter is different.

      Anal hygienic preparation:

      Optional but not useless, the enema before anal practice to make you perfectly clean. It is often more pleasant, but it is not at all obligatory. Some women or some men have never used it. If you want to optimize the enema of your rectum, you can use an anal enema bulb at an affordable price a few minutes before the insertion of the sex toys in your rectum .

      Stay calm: during sex, anal plugs, even small ones, must be inserted gently. It is important that you are extremely relaxed, especially if you are new to anal sex and want to get maximum pleasure from seeing an anal orgasm. You can use anal relaxers or desensitizing products to help the muscles around the anus relax so you can enjoy anal sex.

      The lubricant: This is the product you must have. Think of you and your partner by optimizing his pleasure. This helps to create sexual harmony. Beginner women and men who do not often have the opportunity to use a plug in their anus, as well as those who are experienced should use a lubricating gel.

      For anal sex, silicone is recommended because the lubrication lasts longer and is optimal. Do not use silicone-based lubricant with silicone sex toys as this will make them sticky and deteriorated. On the other hand, for glass or steel anal plugs, you can use any type of lubricant. If in doubt about the composition of the sex toy, choose a water-based lubricant because it adapts to all toys.

      How to clean an anal plug?

      Whether you have cleaned your rectum or not, there are always small unwanted bacteria on the sex toy. The anal plug can be in contact with the mouths and the hands, we recommend to always clean it well before and after use.

      Some toys are porous, materials like hard plastics, neoprene, rubber etc. The best thing is to know the material in order to clean it optimally.

      To avoid damaging your sex toy, use lukewarm water and mild soap, this process is suitable for all toys. Always clean it after use because anal bacteria are not our friends.

      Do not use detergents or abrasive products such as bleach as they can destroy the surface of the anal toy.

      For toys made of stainless steel, glass or silicone should follow the same cleaning instructions in order to maintain their appearance. Sometimes metal and glass can boil, but we do not recommend this solution. Anal plugs sometimes incorporate glued jewels but the glue can, with a high temperature, come off.

      The “fur tail plug” type sex toy can easily be washed. Generally the plugs are made of steel and the animal tail is made of synthetic fur. The tail can then be washed directly under water with soap, let dry in the open air or with a hair dryer at low temperature.

      In the case of real fur, use a cloth with lukewarm water and mild soap to clean the tail. Repeat the operation this time without soap, and allow to air dry or with a hair dryer at low temperature.

      You can brush the tail with a hairbrush to restore its volume and shine.

      How to put on an anal plug?

      The butt plug should be inserted gently with a silicone or water-based lubricating gel. Anal penetration should be gradual and if possible supplemented with clitoral stimulation.

      Once the anus has been adapted, you can perform a few back and forth movements around the anal wall. Anal sex can be used with our best sex toys to stimulate your erogenous zones. The couple having practiced sodomy can easily discover new horizons with new sex toys.

      How to choose your anal plug?

      The choice depends on what you want to do and get?

      There are several types of sex toys: Anal plug, anal dildo and anal beads and anal balls.

      The butt plug

      These plug-ins are meant to stay installed. To facilitate penetration, the article is conical in shape so that insertion is gradual. They are generally found in stainless steel type metal with a jewel. The jewel brings a lush and charming side.

      You will also find articles in black, pink, transparent (often in glass, like star plugs) with several diameters. You will inevitably find what you are looking for on our site and take advantage of free delivery.

      Note that you can also use jewelry anal plugs to masturbate. There are some with a suction cup for more freedom of movement.

      If you want to use products with a large diameter, we have what you need in bdsm...

      The vibrating anal plug

      To increase your sensations, use a vibrating anal plug! there are usually about ten vibration modes and sometimes functions connected with a smartphone!

      Otherwise a remote control is often delivered as an accessory to allow your partner to take control while he or she has fun with you. You can also enjoy even more with a vibrating plug because the vibrations stimulate your whole body.

      The anal rosary

      Slightly similar to geisha balls, the anal beads are made up of small beads of progressive sizes and can be inserted ball after ball. Used during foreplay, the beads can turn your partner on if you let him or her insert the beads.

      The anal dildo

      The anal dildo can have several designs. It can be in the form of a realistic sex, an animal sex or a more streamlined shape. It is thinner than a standard dildo and is sometimes curved for prostate stimulation. Beginners and beginners use these toys because they are 2 in 1.

      More and more people are using the suction cup anal toy for freedom of movement. Penetration is then exercised with the body and no longer with the hands. Generally the diameter of these anal dildos is quite large.

      For anal stimulation, there are also strap-ons and inflatable plugs. They are often intended for fans of BDSM games.

      Colors and finishes

      the anal plug is often neutral in color (glass or metal) or black. black is often used because it hides impurities from the rectum.

      Jewelry is often used to add a touch of beauty and luxury to butt plugs. These imitation diamond jewels are often round or heart-shaped. Sometimes they are even bright and starry.

      How to apply a lubricating gel?

      To start, take a hazelnut of the product and then apply it to the entrance to your vagina, your anus or on your sex toys. The water-based lubricating gel the ability to be able to relax during the penetration of the toy. Do not hesitate to reapply lubricant if necessary during anal or vaginal sex to guarantee pleasure and a pleasant experience, especially in the case of bdsm games, whether for women or for men.

      Discreet delivery

      All our anal toys benefit from free and discreet delivery. We generally ship in a box with a black interior so as not to reveal the contents. Despite all our efforts, if the delivery should suffer the slightest problem, we will do everything we can to resolve the problem quickly.

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