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Oeufs vibrants dans vagin avec télécommande
Coffret oeuf vibrant telecommande avec cable USB
Coffret sextoy oeuf vibrant avec télécommande et cable USB Jack
oeuf vibrant dans vagin avec stimulation G spot
Oeuf vibrant mise en marche avec un seul bouton 12 modes
Dimensions de l'oeuf masseur en silicone

Vibrating egg with remote control with vibrating tongue

Reference: OEU001

Small size - licking tongue - 12 modes
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Product description

Vibrating egg with remote control for intense pleasure

Lacking fun?

Our remote control sex toy helps many people increase their sexual sensations during intercourse. It is widely used during foreplay to argue excitement. some women with a lack of libido can use it in addition to masturbation. The insertion of the vibran egg is smooth and its small vibrating tongue can be used to vibrate your clitoris or your nipples. In the anus it can also give you additional pleasure. the vibrations would stimulate the Fist G in the woman through the vibrations and the point P (prostate) in the man.


We offer the best vibrating eggs on the market. The remote-controlled egg is painlessly inserted into the vagina or anus . It effectively stimulates the G or P spot thanks to the 10 vibration frequencies. The choice of the 12 vibrating modes is made using the remote control or directly by pressing the button on the vibrating egg. Very silent female vibrating egg , it does not exceed 60 decibels. It recharges with a USB to Jack cable, which allows it to be recharged with any USB or PC smartphone adapter. You can use it wherever you are, traveling, at work, in the restaurant. You can perform solo or couple sex games discreetly.
It provides excitement during foreplay which prepares for sexual acts.
If you suffer from a lack of libido, using a vibranr egg can boost your libido and restore your sexual mood.


The vibrating egg is designed to last a maximum of time. Its waterproof design allows you to use it in your bath or shower. The rechargeable battery is very convenient and means you don't have to replace the batteries every week.


To keep your porn vibrating egg the longest, you can clean it with mild soap and water and wipe it with a soft cloth. Clean it before and after each use to guarantee perfect hygiene. Keep out of reach of prying eyes.


Use a water-based lubricating gel to ease insertion.

Why buy from Lovatoy ?

Lovatoy is a company that seeks the best and most innovative products and services to always bring you more pleasure. We test as many products as possible before offering them to our customers in order to be certain of the quality, the performance of the product and its ability to do you good.


  • Dimensions : Ø38mm x 65mm, tail length: 132mm
  • Matière : Medical grade silicone
  • Avantages : Small size - licking tongue - 12 modes
  • Référence : OEU001

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