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Jeweled glass butt plug - Sexy

Reference: PLU002

Chic - Prepares the anus - Exciting
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Product description

The glass diamond butt plug is a timeless classic. It is still just as effective in showcasing you and making you desire. Your partner will be excited to play with it.

Your needs.

The anal plug is for women and men who want to improve their pleasure and comfort during anal penetration. It can also be used to excite your partner during foreplay or during sex games. This type of sex toy is available in several sizes and adapts to each size of anus. An anal plug is effective in exciting your partner in need of anal sex . Women and men who have difficulty finding orgasm can find the remedy by using an anal plug.

You are alone ? why not discover new possibilities to please yourself with our butt plug.

You are in a relationship ? put a diamond and amaze your partner.

Advantages of the jewel anal plug.

Anal sex with an anal plug effectively stimulates the nerve endings in the anus , which brings pleasure to women. Having an anal plug, a dildo or love balls in the anus can bring very exciting pleasure . To make you even more sexy and luxurious, the anal plug is mounted with a diamond-type jewel (imitation), it brings a "precious" side to your anus.

The man can also take great pleasure in using sex toys for anal practice. When you insert an anal plug or a dildo or another type of sex toy, you stimulate your prostate, called the "P" point (equivalent to the G point in women), which considerably increases the power of your orgasm. You should never neglect the possibility of being able to enjoy through the anus.

Our glass anal plugs are of excellent quality at an affordable price. It is available in 3 sizes S, M and L to facilitate insertion. So you can choose a diameter that adapts to your morphology. It is an anal sex toy and it must therefore be handled with care and its insertion must be delicate so as not to offend your pleasure .

Our anal plugs are packaged to be well protected during transport to guarantee optimal delivery.


The glass anal plug is handcrafted by a glassmaker. All anal plugs are subject to strict controls in order to preserve quality.


the anal plug is easily washable with a toy cleaner or with soapy water. We recommend cleaning before and after use. In order to keep it for as long as possible, be sure to keep it stored in a safe place away from prying eyes. It is a glass sex toy , so it remains fragile and should not be subjected to a violent shock.

Advice :

For beginners we advise to start with a reasonable diameter size and to use a lubricating gel, this will bring more pleasure and sensations. If your anal plug is not made of silicone, you can use a silicone-based gel, this increases the quality of the glide. If you prefer to use a more natural product, use awater-based lubricating gel .

To relax your anus as much as possible, you can use an anal relaxant. this reduces sensitivity and helps the muscles around the anus to relax so that anal sex is enjoyable.

To complete your collection, you can browse our other silicone , glass or metal anal plugs or our anal category sex toys.

Whether you are a fan of geisha balls , plugs , suction cups, dildos , we necessarily have the ideal product to satisfy you.

Why buy from Lovatoy?

Lovatoy is a company that seeks the best products at the best prices, the most innovative to always bring you more pleasure. We test as many products as possible before offering them to our customers in order to be certain of the quality, the performance of the product and its ability to do you good.


  • Dimensions : S Ø28mm, M Ø34mm, L Ø38mm
  • Matière : Glass
  • Avantages : Chic - Prepares the anus - Exciting
  • Référence : PLU002

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