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Diamond butt plug with ultra soft remote control

Reference: PLU001

Simple - 7 vibration modes - Chic
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Product description

The vibrating anal plug brings you powerful sensations during foreplay or during sexual intercourse with your partner. The jewel anal plug brings additional pleasure and amplifies the orgasm whether you are a man or a woman .

Your needs.

In case of a lack of sexual exoticism, the anal plug can bring you new sensations. If you often have pain during sodomy, it may be interesting to acquire an anal plug because it prepares the anus to be dilated. Sodomy then becomes more enjoyable because you no longer focus on pain but on pleasure.
For people who want to get maximum pleasure , the vibrations can stimulate the G-spot and the P-spot in men. Also know that wearing an anal plug can make your partner super excited.

Advantages of the jewel anal plug .

We have selected this inexpensive anal plug to meet the demand of customers who want to obtain maximum pleasure for a reasonable cost. The sex toy has 7 simple and variable vibration frequency modes. Beginner anal plug thanks to its diameter of 3.90 cm allows you to start the experience without pain if the conditioning parameter is respected. the anal plug is waterproof and can be used in your bath or in the shower. The jewel anal plug will necessarily highlight you and will remind you of the lush side of your anus . Its jewel-like main button is very elegant and very practical. You can take your anal plug anywhere thanks to its rechargeable battery via USB Jack cable. Its size of 3.9 cm makes it discreet and its vibrations once the plug is inserted into the anus are well below 60 dB.


The butt plug is made of silicone and fitted with a push button/mode selector jewel . The high quality motor is made with tungsten, which amplifies the power of the vibrations. The waterproof design allows you to use the anal plug in your bath, pool shower and clean it easily.


To clean your vibrating butt plug, you can use warm water and soap, then let it air dry or dry with a soft cloth. Do not use alcohol or detergents.

Advice :

Wash your anal plug before and after use. Use a water-based lubricant to ease insertion and increase sensation.

Why buy from Lovatoy ?

Lovatoy is a company that seeks the best products at the best prices, the most innovative to always bring you more pleasure. We test as many products as possible before offering them to our customers in order to be certain of the quality, the performance of the product and its ability to do you good.


  • Dimensions : Ø 3.9cm
  • Matière : Medical grade silicone
  • Avantages : Simple - 7 vibration modes - Chic
  • Référence : PLU001

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