Stimulateur clitoridien rose avec câble USB magnétique
Vibromasseur clitoridien avec cable USB |
Vibro clito rose avec cable de recharge USB  |
Vibromasseur sextoy 3 en 1 violet  |
Vibromasseur rose stimulateur clitoris rose avec emballage  |
stimulateur de libido rose avec boite  |
Stimulateur vibromassant rouge avec cable USB  |
Vibromasseure clitoris pas cher violet |
Femme avec Vibromasseur clitoridien violet dans le bain  |
taille du masseur clitoridien 110x34mm  |
9 modes de vibrations pour notre vibromasseur clitoridien à pénis vibrant  |
Vibromasseur connecté à distance pour stimuler votre partenaire  |
Aperçu des zones stimulées par le vibromasseur clitimulateur de clitoris  |
Télécharger l'app Love Spoose sur Android ou App Store  |

3in1 Bluetooth Connected Clitoral Vibrator

Reference: STI003

3in1 vibrator - Softness - Bluetooth
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Product description

3in1 stimulation for ultimate masturbation. Stimulate your libido and play as a couple during foreplay

Why this sex toy?

The premium clitoral and anal vibrator is aimed at women who are looking for maximum stimulation during masturbation . These stimulators provide ultra-fast suction on the clitoris by the effect of pulsed air and vaginal vibrations. An anal rosary diffuses the vibrations of the sex toy at the level of the anus. If you want to be fully excited during foreplay, this is the ideal sex toy.

For women suffering from a lack of libido , the clit vibrator may be more than an option.

Couples separated by distance must wait to find each other again to find a sexual activity for two, this connected sex toy can change their lives.

Advantages of the vibrator stimulator.

The vibrations produced by the stimulator suck in and release your clitoris at ultra high speed (speeds vary according to the modes chosen). This technology uses forced air to increase blood flow to this erogenous zone. The massaging vibro stimulator makes your vagina vibrate stimulating your G-spot. The product activates all your senses to promote an orgasm trigger in a minimum of time. a licking tongue vibrates at the tip of the penis. This tongue can be used to play with your clitoris or your nipples. The sex toy also contains a string for vibrations towards the anus. You get maximum enjoyment regardless of where you use it.

For couples separated by distance or between friends, the clitoral stimulator can be accessed remotely via the Love Spoose app on Android or the App Store . Also controllable by Bluetooth, your smartphone serves as a remote control with multiple features (extended vibration modes, vibrations synchronized with your favorite songs and many other features)

You will enjoy the best of sex toy technology for an affordable price. The stimulator contains a rechargeable battery via USB cable and is waterproof.


The clitoral vibrator is designed with two independently controllable variable power motors. It has several vibration modes for maximum pleasure. Made of medical grade silicone , it is very resistant and waterproof. It has a rechargeable battery with USB cable with magnetic connectors.


To clean your sex toys, we recommend cleaning with lukewarm water and a mild soap. do not use detergent or alcohol.


Do not use silicone-based intimate lubricating gel. Prefer the use of a water-based lubricating gel. To complete your masturbation needs, you can acquire a sex toy such as a clitoral stimulator , vibrating egg or anal plug .

Why buy from

We select the best products at affordable prices with free delivery in France. We regularly test clitoral stimulators to ensure quality for our consumers.


  • Dimensions : Ø24mm x 110mm long
  • Matière : Medical grade silicone
  • Avantages : 3in1 vibrator - Softness - Bluetooth
  • Référence : STI003

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