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G-Spot Vibrator - Nipple Stimulator

Reference: VIB004

7 vibration modes - waterproof - powerful
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Product description

The multi-function premium silicone vibrator with triple vibrations has 3 ultra-powerful motors providing vaginal or clitoral stimulation. The sex toy can be used alone or as a couple. Its rechargeable battery and waterproof sex toy design ensures convenient and reliable daily use.

Your needs.

Whether you are alone or in a couple, the vaginal vibrator can be an excellent companion for your foreplay. Vibrations increase sensitivity to stimulated areas and increase excitement. Women suffering from a lack of libido can use the sex toy to increase their female pleasure . The shape of the vibrator is ideal for vibrating the penis during sex. It can be inserted into the vagina to make you vibrate until orgasm or into the male anus to stimulate the prostate, the famous male P-spot. The sex toy is ultimately aimed at those who wish to obtain more pleasure during sexual sessions.


The vibrator includes 7 independently controllable vibration modes, the Y-shaped design allows stimulation of the clitoris or the nipples while the long vibrating shaft has the mission of diffusing intense vibrations in the vagina to stimulate the G-Spot , it can be inserted into the male anus to stimulate the prostate to make masturbation for foreplay more intense. The vibrating horns can also be used to masturbate the penis during masturbation or during foreplay. The vibrating dildo is waterproof and contains a rechargeable battery via USB cable . It can be taken everywhere whether it is to the hotel on vacation, to the beach, in the car.


The couples vibrator is made of high quality silicone and contains 3 high performance motors. Its waterproof design gives you the option of using the sex toy in the shower or in your bath.


The vibrator can be cleaned with soapy water or with a special sex toy cleaning product. Do not use alcohol or detergent which could damage the material.


Opt for masturbation in your bath to increase your sexual desire while warm? Do not hesitate to practice naughty games with your partner, or to browse your body with erotic caresses. Use our rabbit with a lubricating gel and you can enjoy with more realism.

Why buy from Lovatoy ?

Lovatoy is a sexshop that seeks out the best naughty products and the most innovative services to bring you ever more pleasure. We test as many products as possible before offering them to our customers in order to be certain of the quality, the performance of the product and its ability to do you good.


  • Dimensions : 188 x 36mm
  • Matière : ABS + Medical Silicone
  • Avantages : 7 vibration modes - waterproof - powerful
  • Référence : VIB004

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