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Premium Vibrator & Clitoral Stimulator

Reference: VIB002

G-Spot vibrator - Clitoral stimulator - Premium
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Product description

The ultimate silicone stimulator vibrator to stimulate both the G-spot and the C-spot by suction. The clitoris is then fully stimulated and the vibrations increase the blood flow in the vagina towards the G-spot until orgasm.

Need stimulation?

The sex toy is for women who want to masturbate while having maximum pleasure. Women who have difficulty climaxing with vaginal stimulation can really get their urges fulfilled with double stimulation. The clitoris is the intense point in women and its stimulation is also essential during foreplay. To increase sensations during intercourse, the couple can use the vibrator to increase sexual sensations and orgasm power.
In lack of libido, the use of a vibrator can effectively put your desires in boiling and make you regain your senses.


The 2-in-1 clitoral vibrator stimulates the clitoris by air pulse suction technology and sends vibration waves through the vagina to touch the G-spot . The two feminine zones are thus stimulated to offer you maximum pleasure and comfort. The 10 vibration frequency modes of this model are accessible with the Clitoral stimulation or vaginal vibrator function. They have independent vibration levels and the pressure exerted by you on the toy makes the use even more pleasant. You drive the toy, not the other way around.
Vaginal stimulation is deep and less sensitive while clitoral stimulation. The stimulator combined with physical arousal (stroking, pinching, licking, etc.) can give you an orgasm of incredible quality. The sex toy can also be used to warm up your sexual intercourse. The preliminaries are not to be neglected in a couple in order to promote the excitement of each) This is where the stimulators come into play.
The size of the sex toy is ideal to be carried anywhere. Whether you're at work, traveling in your car or in a restaurant, you can always get an orgasm discreetly because the stimulator goes almost unnoticed under jeans. or a skirt. If you lack libido, the vibrator could be a solution.


The clitoris stimulator was designed to please from all angles. Its high quality silicone design is waterproof and use with water is not a problem You can achieve an orgasm in the shower or in your bath thanks to the powerful motor torque The rechargeable battery of the sex toy is convenient to recharge with its USB cable with magnetic terminals


To keep your toy as long as possible, use water-based lubricating gels , clean the sex toy with lukewarm water and mild soap. Do not use detergents, alcohol or other aggressive products


For your sex sessions, we recommend the use ofwater-based lubricating gel To obtain even more sensations, do not hesitate to browse our collection of anal plugs and rabbits

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We select the best products at affordable prices with free delivery in France. We regularly test clitoral stimulators to ensure quality for our consumers.


  • Dimensions :
  • Matière : Medical grade silicone
  • Avantages : G-Spot vibrator - Clitoral stimulator - Premium
  • Référence : VIB002

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