Clitoral stimulator


      Clitoral stimulator

      Our advice and answers to your questions

      • Are you having difficulty having a vaginal orgasm?
      • You are a woman who wants to boost her libido
      • Does your couple lack spice?

      It is completely normal to look for solutions to this kind of problem, many of you women want to improve your sexual needs.

      What is a clitoral stimulator?

      This clitoris toy was a revelation for many people. It offers the possibility of obtaining several intense orgasms in a few minutes.

      Simply position the sex toy on the clitoris and the suction sucks in and releases the clitoris for an extraordinary sensation. Combined with the vibrations, the external stimulation is increased tenfold. Whether you have a small or a large clit, clitoral stimulation will suit you perfectly.

      Also you should know that the clit is the favorite erogenous zone of women and the most sensitive. According to a scientific study carried out on 500 women, women ranked the erogenous zone of the clitoris in top position with a score of 9/10. See Health Magazine's article " The X-Rated Areas of Female Pleasure "

      How to stimulate the clitoris

      The clit being a very sensitive area of ​​the body, it must be handled delicately with rotational movements with the fingers or the tongue to increase the pleasure. The suction of the clitoris is also delicious for stimulation. The clitoral stimulator performs these tasks brilliantly thanks to its suction technology and its vibration system. The pressure exerted on the clit can also improve your feelings of pleasure, everyone is free to choose the appropriate pressure.

      The different kinds of clitoral stimulators

      100% clitoris stimulators

      For female pleasure, masturbation, foreplay or to intensify pleasure during vaginal penetration, the clitoris stimulator is the perfect choice. It is only dedicated to the clitoris and is positioned directly on the hood of the clit or on its glans.

      These products generally have a suction mode and a vibrating function with several levels of intensity. They are recommended to boost the sexual libido from which a lot of women suffer. With this kind of toy you will taste the pleasure of orgasm.

      The double stimulation clit stimulator

      If you want to be fully stimulated, in the vagina and on the clit, this type of stimulator is perfect for you. Its price is generally affordable. It is made up of a clitoris vacuum that gently sucks and releases your precious clit and a vibrating dildo stimulates your G-spot through the vagina.

      You are surrounded by pleasure and the orgasm is only seconds away from exploding inside you. This clitoral vibrator is a libido booster for women in need of well-being. They are generally delivered with a remote control to be worn in public places discreetly and remotely controlled.

      The vibrating finger

      For precise pleasure, stimulation with a vibrating finger is an excellent solution among our offers. If you wish to stimulate the glans of the clitoris discreetly (in the car, at the hotel, in the toilets, at the office...) this product is made for you.

      This sex toy, usually made of silicone, has a ring to insert your finger in and it acts as an extension of it. It often includes a rechargeable battery and multiple vibration modes. The use of sex toy type is convenient and ensures orgasms wherever you are.

      Other types of clitoral stimulator

      There is a large collection of clitoral stimulators . It would take a very long time to list all the models because each one has different options. Mini vibrators can also take on the role of stimulator or even wand type vibrators. These are excellent sex toys for massaging your clitoris and giving you one or more orgasms in a row.

      Depending on whether your purchase goal is to masturbate, strengthen foreplay or to boost your libido, you can turn to 3in1 stimulators that are inserted into the vagina and worn under a thong or panties. You can use it during your evenings in all discretion without your friends knowing it or before a sex act so that you are super excited.

      Some clitoral stimulators are equipped with remote controls or incorporate a connected function that is used with an application . They can thus vibrate according to the movement you have chosen, according to your favorite music or according to outside sounds. So if you go to the cinema with the vibrator connected , in voice mode, it will only vibrate when the film emits a fairly powerful sound, so you will avoid it vibrating during scenes without sound.

      How to use a clitoral stimulator?

      Stimulating the clit is very easy with a clitoral stimulator. First, we recommend cleaning the sex toy well before use to guarantee perfect hygiene, then all you have to do is settle in the place of your choice, relax and turn on the product. Choose the mode that gives you the most pleasure and one of the vibration levels according to your desires. Then gently place the sex toy on the glans or on the clit hood and navigate it to various areas.

      If the stimulator includes a vibrating dildo, do not hesitate to move back and forth according to your wishes and to set the desired vibration intensity. After a few moments of pleasure you should release yourself and let the intense orgasm take over. For more sensations, you can also use a lubricating gel. the silicone of our sex toys is extraordinarily soft and we recommend the use of water-based lubricating gel to guarantee the longevity of the material and the sex as long as possible.

      How does a clitoris vibrator work?

      The clit vacuum uses suction technology to suck and release your clit. Pulse air (known as pleasure air technology) is a painless technology that simulates your partner's mouth. it sucks but you are in charge of the rest, so you know better than anyone how to give you the maximum pleasure.

      The intensity of this stimulation is unequivocal and makes it a premium stimulation. The prices of these kinds of toys are generally attractive compared to conventional vibrators . The use of this toy is simple and the functions are very varied.

      Sucking and vibration modes are sometimes customizable with an app and orgasm is often reached in just a few minutes. It is one of the best sex toys and their low sound levels guarantee surprising silence.

      Who can use a clitoral vibrator?

      The target is only female although some may possibly be used on a penis or for internal stimulation to massage the prostate in the case of a sex toy with vibrating dildo, but this is not the primary purpose of this product intended mainly for the female sex. The use of these stimulators is so simple that you can use it at any age from 18 to 70 without problems alone or in couple.

      They are generally equipped with easy-to-access buttons and intuitive functions. The vibrating model can be personalized with an application and in this specific case, it is better to be comfortable with smartphone applications. You can discover all our offers on our shop and take advantage of delivery at a lower cost. Pacemaker sales have skyrocketed in recent years

      Which clitoral stimulator to choose?

      It will be difficult to answer this question as there are so many models . The best clitoral stimulator you can find will be one that gives you an orgasm whenever you want. All are designed for this purpose. Then you can filter the toys by the price you are willing or willing to spend.

      Our sex toys are all of excellent quality and you are sure to have orgasms with intensity. You can also browse customer reviews and see the + and -. We recommend a vibrator with rechargeable battery via USB cable and which offers a vibration function with a variable level of frequencies. The best toys would be those that fit your criteria.

      How to maintain your clitoral stimulator?

      To keep your sex toy as long as possible, we advise you to clean it before and after use to guarantee perfect hygiene with warm water and mild soap. Do not use detergent, alcohol, or any other aggressive products that could damage the silicone.