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      Rabbit dildo vibrator

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      • Does your sexual intercourse lack spice ?
      • Do you want to masturbate and get a Powerful and Fast Orgasm?
      • Are you a fan of dual stimulation ?

      The rabbit vibrator is the solution for you. For the record, this type of sex toy has existed since the 80s in Japan, then unknown to the general public. It was not until the 90s that the rabbit dildo was propelled to the forefront thanks to its appearance in the series Sex and the City when the producers asked the brand Vibratex to integrate in episode 9 a rabbit vibrator.

      At the time of the broadcast of the episode, it is the immediate buzz. Since then, the stars no longer hesitate to appear with these products and some say they can no longer do without them...

      What is a rabbit vibrator?

      It is a sex toy primarily intended for female customers who wish to obtain immense pleasure during masturbation by stimulating the G-spot through their vagina and the glans of the clitoris thanks to the two small rabbit ears. There is a panel of different colors and designs but the principle always remains the same, to bring you maximum pleasure and ease of use.

      The rabbit sex toys are much more efficient than a traditional internal vibrator which remains focused on the internal area of ​​​​the woman. The rabit dildo goes beyond your expectations by attacking your clitoris, playing the role of a clitoral stimulator in a way. Clitoral stimulation is the most erogenous zone according to women.

      Combine a clitoral stimulator with an expert G vibrator and you'll get a high-performance rabbit dildo . This greatly facilitates access to what all women are looking for: the Ultimate Orgasm .

      The rabbit dildo is for any woman wishing to spice up her sex life during masturbation or during foreplay. It is also an excellent libido booster and it improves the joy of life of many women. Try it and you will see for yourself.

      Why use a rabbit vibrator?

      If I tell you that you can have an even more intense orgasm with just one product and this product will become your companion. The advantage of the rabbit vibrator is that it does not need to be fed, but only needs to please you as much as possible . If you're in a sluggish mood, have zero libido, or have a rut in your relationship, getting a rabbit dildo would probably be one of the best things you could do.

      Having fun with solo sex

      The silicone rabbit vibrator offers the best in stimulation. Even if you are alone, you can easily stimulate your vagina at the G-spot thanks to the powerful vibration mode offered by the vibrating motor. The different speeds allow you to customize the sensations as you wish and you can stimulate your intimate areas as if you were with a partner. The vibro rabbit can also be used during anal sex.

      To get more out of rabbits , you can apply a dab of water-based lubricating gel to your clitoris and play with the rabbit ears to make you vibrate. If you feel like it, vaginal penetration can be combined with a vibrating function or automatic penetration (if it's a rabbit sex toy that comes and goes ). The rabbit vibrator is a love machine to keep close to you in all circumstances.

      Couple sex game

      Couple sex games are very exciting and can stimulate erogenous zones effectively thanks to Rabbits. This sex toy is powerful and can be used whether you are straight or not. In a woman , the vibrator will stimulate the clitoris or the clitoral area while the vibrating dildo will stimulate the G-spot through the vagina.

      Sometimes the vibrator comes and goes and in addition stimulates the G spot, it simulates male penetration, one calls it the expert g rabbit vibrator, it is probably the best rabbit sex toy. Each vibrator uses different vibration modes and different speeds to satisfy your pleasure to the fullest.

      There is a type of heated rabbit vibrator that promotes the production of love juice (wet), vaginal stimulation, excitement and comfort of use. During foreplay, the vibrator promotes sexual conditioning. There are also rabbit vibrators with a connected function so that your partner can vibrate you remotely wherever you are.

      In men, the use of silicone rabbit sex toys for anal sex can be extremely pleasant for massaging the prostate . The prostate is the equivalent of the G-spot in women and this stimulation can increase pleasure and the power of enjoyment. The vibration emitted by these vibrators brings new sensations. Depending on the speeds chosen, the vibrator can be more or less pleasant, but you are in control.

      Which rabbit vibrator to choose?

      There are a variety of rabbit vibrators on the market, before buying a sex toy we recommend that you study the capabilities of the sex toy to find the best rabbit vibrator for you:

      • Is it silicone ?
      • Is it waterproof ?
      • Does it have multiple vibration modes?
      • Does it have a back and forth sex toy function?
      • Does he have a heated dildo ?
      • Is it refillable ?

      The main thing is that the vibrator can follow you everywhere and ensure your pleasure for a fair price. A vibrator is generally easy to use and easy to maintain thanks to its waterproof design. The type of heated sex toy can be an interesting option when choosing a vibrator, it improves stimulation and sensations. The addition of this function ensures triple stimulation with a single vibrator to achieve orgasm.

      Also prefer a USB rechargeable battery . The sound vibration levels can also be studied, prefer silent rabit vibrators or with dB less than 65. If you want to remain discreet you can also choose a mini rabbit vibrator , This type of silicone vibrator slips easily into a handbag .

      Ultimately, the best rabbit vibrator will be the one that brings you the most pleasure and that exactly meets your needs. You can treat yourself and offer yourself the sex toy of your dreams on our site by taking advantage of free delivery in France.

      In addition, you can also add vibrating anal plug type sex toys in your anus to spice up your couple or to increase your vibration stimulation.

      How to use a rabbit?

      If you want to know how to use a rabbit vibrator, we advise you first to use a water-based lubricating gel to improve the glide and the love sensation, then just apply it to your clitoris , vaginal or anal area. . Choose one of the available modes and the vibration that you like the most and activate the clitoral stimulator.

      All vibrators rabbit contain a clitoral vibration. The massaging vibro motor vibrates the rabbit ear-shaped tip and you just have to play with them on your glans clitoris to experience a pleasant sensation. Push the vibrating dildo inside your vagina and move back and forth the way you want.

      After a few minutes, you release your pleasure and the stimulation takes over, you get wet and the vibrations change according to your desires. Increase the power gradually until the love machine for your ultimate orgasm .

      After use, clean your vibrator to remove remaining lubricants and ensure perfect product hygiene.

      How to maintain your rabbit sex toys?

      Your silicone massage rabbit vibro is easy to maintain, just always clean it well before and after use to remove the lubricant and vaginal or anal secretions with warm water and mild soap. Do not use detergent or alcohol. Keep out of prying eyes.