Our advice and answers to your questions

      • Are you alone and want to get maximum pleasure at a low price?
      • Want to play for two to spice up your relationship?
      • Do you want to boost your libido and masturbate with a masturbator?

      These are questions that many men and women ask themselves every day. To answer all these questions in one word, we would say: Vibrators .

      How to use a vibrator?

      The vibrator is a sex toy or adult toy that must above all provide pleasure. To promote excellent excitement, do not hesitate to use intimate lubricating gel based on water or silicone (if the vibrating dildo is not also made of silicon), this facilitates sliding and improves the sensations of reality. To discover the joys of the vibrator, simply insert it gently into the vagina or anus and move back and forth.

      The vibrations can then be chosen according to your desires. The vibration modes stimulate your erogenous zones in their own way. You can complete the work of the vibrating dildo with another sex toy of the clitoral stimulator type in order to increase the stimulation. Your partner can also help you relax and get you more excited.

      How does a massager vibrator work?

      The vibrator (vibro) is a sex toy that emits ultra-stimulating vibrations . There is a variety of sex toys that have a vibrating function because it creates stimulation to the erogenous zone. The frequencies emitted increase blood flow to the G-spot creating extraordinary excitement.

      Silicone sex toys produce a bitchy wow effect with their realistic and supple texture and can be inserted into the vagina if you wish to obtain vaginal stimulation or into the anus for anal or prostate stimulation (in men). The vibrator will be the perfect choice to stimulate your erogenous zones.

      The majority of vibrating toys have several vibration modes and speeds to best satisfy your well-being until you reach the ultimate orgasm . Some sex toys also have a smart function that allows you to customize the functions and be used remotely anywhere in the world. It's sex 2.0.

      Which vibrators to choose

      There are all kinds of masseur and the choice will depend on your desires. The design, the color, the features but also the price. We make every effort to select only high-performance products at competitive prices so that pleasure is not a luxury.

      The classic vibe dildo

      It is similar to the dildo but includes the vibrations. It is often skin-colored and reminiscent of a real penis. It is ideal for masturbation.

      The realistic vibrating dildo

      For masturbation, it's the best. It is textured like a real penis and is available in several sizes, its silicone is of high quality and sometimes contains an ejaculation system which releases lubricating gel. It also includes a vibrating function with several modes.

      There is also the vibrating suction cup sex toy that allows you to masturbate while performing body movements. of all sizes, from small dildos to large vibrating dildos.

      The G-spot vibrator

      Its shape is slightly curved so that after penetration, the tip of the sex toy presses the G-spot area even further. The advantage of this toy is that it offers better precision and promotes the triggering of an intense orgasm . It can be used on the clitoris or on the nipples to act as a clitoral stimulator .

      The mini vibrator

      The mini sex toy is great if you want to masturbate discreetly. In the car, at the office etc. you will no longer have an excuse not to enjoy. Generally it looks like lipstick-type sticks so as not to arouse suspicion. In addition, this type of accessory only costs a few euros and can be slipped into a handbag.

      the rabbit vibrator

      Rabbit sex toys are ultra versatile. they offer dual vaginal and clitoral stimulation. If you are looking for a sex toy capable of satisfying all your desires, it is probably towards the rabbit that you should orient yourself.

      The vibrations of small "teeth" stimulate the clitoris according to the modes you would have chosen and at the same time, the dildo penetrates you and vibrates intensely. Sometimes the rabbit dildo contains small rotating balls which increase the sensations on the vaginal walls.

      Do not hesitate to get one because you only risk being addicted.

      The Wand vibrator

      This stimulator is one of the external vibrators which is applied mainly to the clitoris. the clit is undoubtedly the most sensitive and intense erogenous zone of the body to achieve an orgasm quickly. the Wand or massage rod is super easy to use They are usually large in size up to 40cm. It is increasingly used to massage other parts of the body such as the neck, the back, but with sensuality, it can perfectly awaken your senses and arouse you during foreplay.

      It is the perfect accessory that you have to discover because it is multitasking.

      The clitoral stimulator

      Similar to Wand and Rabbit, they have nothing to do. The clitoral stimulator acts by suction according to your wishes. As your partner would, it sucks and releases your clitoris according to the speed you have chosen. It is a pleasure activator and quickly triggers orgasm due to its precision.

      Of course, you have to be sure to be perfectly relaxed and to be in condition for this sex massage session. The price of these sextoys is quite attractive on our site. Well-known brands are not necessarily better than our clitoral stimulators because they share the same technology.

      For the choice of colors, there is only the embarrassment of choice, they are pink, purple, red etc.

      The vibrating anal plug

      This plug is dedicated to anal sex enthusiasts. Stimulating the anal area provides pleasure obtained by the nerve endings all over the anus. Whether you are a woman or a man, sex through the anal plug provides intense excitement and increased sexual desire in your partner. Several modes are available and often the vibrating anal plug includes a remote control.

      The prostate vibrator

      In men, the prostate is the G-spot in women. this highly sensitive erogenous zone allows the man to easily obtain an orgasm if the prostate zone is stimulated effectively. This is where the prostate vibrator comes into play.

      It is a toy that is inserted into the male anus and is activated either directly on the sex toy or with a remote control if it is included. Unlike the strap-on or the anal plug, the prostate stimulator has a very particular shape which is made to stimulate the prostate. During sexual intercourse, feedback shows an explosion of pleasure. At first surprising at first, over time you will not be able to do without it.

      What is the best vibrator for pleasure?

      Do you want a connected toy that works with an app? or simply a small, discreet masturbator? Do you want 2 in 1 like the Rabbit or a simple vibrator? You can filter our sex toys according to your budget as well.

      We have a collection of toys at all price points, from cheap vibrators to premium vibrating dildos . You can also choose the toys according to the evaluation left by other buyers, the reviews are an easy way to know the performance or the quality of the vibrators.

      How to clean a vibrator?


      A sex toy should always be cleaned before and after use in order to eliminate as many bacteria as possible on the sex toy. Our advice is to resort to the use of a water-based lubricating gel as often as possible, it must be cleaned after use. To do this, simply use warm water and mild soap (no detergents, bleach, etc.) and clean gently. then leave to dry in the open air away from the sun or dry with a towel.


      In order to preserve your privacy or to avoid seeing your child arrive with your toys, we recommend that you always hold your sex toys in a safe place and away from prying eyes.

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