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Luxe Water-Based Intimate Lubricant Gel - 400ml

Reference: LUB001

Exceptional sensations - Perfect texture - Long shelf life
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Product description

High quality water-based lubricating gel for even more powerful sensations. It improves the comfort of use of sex toys and reduces vaginal dryness.

Suffer no more.

Some women experience vaginal dryness and experience discomfort when using vibrators. Other people simply don't have any real sensations because they don't know the benefit of using lubricating gels .


The sexual lubricant is very easy to use, just apply a dab of it to the vibrator or penis and leave the rest to you. You will feel a pleasant sensation of pleasure. It is very effective for anal sex practice and the use of anal plugs


The sexual gel produced can be used as an anal lubricating gel. The product is made from water and a natural-based product. We recommend the use of water-based lubricants.


The intimate lubricant is easily cleaned with water and can be kept for approximately 3 years in a cool, dry place. Do not leave the bottle open.

Why buy from Lovatoy ?

Lovatoy is a company that seeks the best and most innovative products and services to always bring you more pleasure. We test as many products as possible before offering them to our customers in order to be certain of the quality, the performance of the product and its ability to do you good.


  • Dimensions : 400ml
  • Matière :
  • Avantages : Exceptional sensations - Perfect texture - Long shelf life
  • Référence : LUB001

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