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Silicone vibrating suction masturbator

Reference: MAS020

Nozzle - vibrating - comfortable
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Product description

Gain pleasure like never before


  • Do you practice solo masturbation but lack sensations?
  • Do you want to cum while massaging your penis ?
  • Do you want to spice up your foreplay ?


You lack pleasure or sensations when masturbating and this is normal because it is difficult for a hand to reproduce the same effects as a mouth or a vagina. Our sucking masturbator reproduces the same sensations as a vagina would thanks to its 10 intense vibration modes and its different suctions.
You want to cum in velvet and you're right, our silicone sleeve is so soft and supple that with a little lubricating gel you will be in paradise.¨

Forget about replacing batteries every week, the masturbator has a rechargeable battery .


Its silicone manufacturing ensures an excellent product lifespan and a pleasant texture close to reality.


To obtain better sensations, we recommend the use of water-based lubricating gels . This will ensure perfect glide for your well-being.

Do not hesitate to browse our collections of masturbators or penis rings to discover other sexual sensations.

If the size does not suit you, you can replace the silicone sleeve with another size by clicking here: Compatible Silicone Sleeve MAS009

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We select the best products at affordable prices with free delivery in France. We regularly test masturbators to guarantee quality to our consumers.


  • Dimensions : Size 30mm or 25mm height 215mm
  • Matière : Silicone
  • Avantages : Nozzle - vibrating - comfortable
  • Référence : MAS020

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