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Rabbit G-Spot and C-Spot Vibrator - 10 Modes Battery Operated

Reference: RAB003

Stimulates G and C points - 10 vibration modes - Exceptional gentleness
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Product description

Our battery-operated silicone rabbit vibrator effectively stimulates your clitoris and G-spot in an ultra-precise way. Rediscover your feelings as a woman and improve your well-being.

Need stimulation?

There are lots of reasons for using sex toys . One of the main reasons is the fact of wanting to spice up your couple in order to maintain your sexual desires . Another reason could be the lack of libido from which many women suffer without even realizing it. The rabbit vibrator is an excellent way to stimulate her clitoris and improve her libido. Couples are sometimes put to the test and a sexual routine can easily set in. The rabbit vibrator can easily remedy this problem. To awaken your excitement, the rabbit sex toy can be used for masturbation or be used during foreplay. The vibrations of the motors increase blood circulation to the erogenous zone of the clitoris and vagina which considerably increases pleasure. The rabbit dildo is a great way to help you achieve a powerful orgasm for maximum pleasure .


The rabbit vibrator provides intense pleasure to the G-spot and the Clitoris. During masturbation, clitoral stimulation brings more pleasure and increases the power of orgasm. The rabbit vibrator can be used during foreplay to increase excitement. You and your partner have 10 vibration modes and can use the sex toy wherever you want.
The sex toy requires 2 AAA batteries and the advantage of the rabbit vibrator is that it is not necessary to wait to have to recharge it to use it.

To the question: Can sex toys improve libido? The answer is yes. For the woman suffering from a lack or a drop in libido, the vibrator can really be an effective solution to improve her well-being and boost her libido.

The vibrator can be taken anywhere, at the hotel, on a trip or at your place of work. Don't hesitate to use it as much as possible for maximum pleasure.


The rabbit vibrator is made of ABS and silicone. To operate, it requires two AAA batteries. Closed, it is waterproof to be cleaned.


To maintain your vibrator massager , clean it with lukewarm water and a mild soap. Do not use detergent, alcohol or aggressive products.
For your discretion, keep in a safe place out of sight.


For better sensations, we recommend the use of water-based lubricating gel . This will ensure you a perfect glide for your well-being.
Do not hesitate to browse our collection of Rabbit -type vibrators , clitoral stimulators or anal plugs to discover other sexual sensations. As the vibrator uses batteries, we recommend using high performance rechargeable batteries.


  • Dimensions : 19.5x2.9cm
  • Matière : Silicone
  • Avantages : Stimulates G and C points - 10 vibration modes - Exceptional gentleness
  • Référence : RAB003

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